Developing sustainable growth strategies
with measureable outcomes.

Bridging the Analytical with the Practical

A data driven focus that enhances revenue & profitability at all stages of the revenue cycle.

ROI Focused Marketing

Maximizing performance and providing insights while building brand.


Establishing the metrics that measure and incentivize the right outcomes, not just the activities.

Productizing Data

Turning your data into a strategic asset for planning, evaluation and constant improvement.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Connecting marketing and sales with operational & financial data that improves efficiency and profitability.

Pricing & Product Strategy

Improving revenue and profitability by maximizing the value and volume customer relationships.

Business Model Design

Ensuring sustainability and scalability by aligning costs, revenue, operations, and timing.

Collaborating with you to customize solutions for your company's stage, resources and opportunities.

  • Listen

    A discovery process based on the art & science of knowing the right questions to ask that quickly uncover root cause issues & opportunities.

  • Adapt

    Develop the strategies, operational plans and evaluation criteria specific to your needs and resources.

  • Guide

    Work with you to implement execution plans while ensuring the "why" behind each component is well understood.

  • Improve

    Ensure results are measureable and the drivers are clear. My goal is to make sure your organization is always smarter than you were 90 days ago.

20+ years of experience across diverse revenue models seen through multiple lenses.


Customer Acquisition
Sales Operations
Pricing Strategy
Revenue Optimization
Business Intelligence
Data Operations
Product Management
Customer Retention

Revenue Models

Membership / Subscription
Breakage / Loyalty
Management Fee
Ad Supported
Usage / Metered

Company Stages

Going Concern

What others have said

Shahab Kaviani — Entrepreneur, Advisor, Mentor

Rich was brought in during the critical pre-launch phase for Breezio. Rich's ability to generously listen, rigorously test his theories, and deliver insights in a way which all team members could synthesize was invaluable. Rich's critical thinking skills and ability to guide data-backed decision making provided us the clarity and confidence we needed for successful entry into a new market we're now helping to shape.

Amy Bevilacqua — President, National Education Initiative

Rich helped our start-up, focused on education innovation, to think through an outcomes-based marketing strategy. He stretched our thinking, but also was adept at putting together a pragmatic plan that acknowledged the organization's current state and reality. He has an in-depth understanding of the education market and a broad and impressive professional network. Rich is a thinking person's marketer, and while he has considerable depth in that one discipline, what I most appreciated about Rich was his ability to contribute across multiple areas. He always brought his whole brain to bear on our business!

Ilya Breyman — Venture Capitalist; Founder, Coursalytics

Rich has been instrumental in helping us define our revenue model and identify marketing channels. He contributed his vast knowledge and asked all the right questions to test/challenge our assumptions. His experience with both major corporations and startups at all stages, from pre-launch to expansion, was truly invaluable.

Rich Kochman

Rich Kochman

"Adaptive Consulting" is built on the principle that every situation is unique. By drawing on 20+ years of broad experience, strategies & execution plans are tailored to your organization's size, stage, and opportunities.