Case Study

After two years of relatively flat enrollments and concern that their marketing agency was not doing a good job, a large university engaged Adaptive Consulting to review their marketing strategy, team structure, and the incumbent agency to identify areas for improvement.

The audit resulted in several changes to marketing budget allocations, the addition of new channels, and end-to-end management of an RFP process to find a new agency whose culture and capabilities better aligned with the client’s needs. Adaptive Consulting negotiated the final contract with the new agency and managed a relatively smooth onboarding process.

The client was so pleased with how the RFP and agency management processes were handled that they asked Adaptive Consulting to play a similar role in the RFP process for an instructional design agency.

Ultimately, the combination of changes we initiated, the performance of the new agency, and the substantially lower cost of the new agency resulted in increased enrollments at a lower overall cost.