Case Study

A former colleague serving as an executive advisor of a venture backed company referred Adaptive Consulting to the founders who were seeing sales stagnation and increased acquisition costs over the prior six months. Adaptive Consulting’s founder was brought on as a fractional, interim head of marketing to temporarily lead the team and turn around the performance.

In the face of dramatic reductions to the marketing budget and staffing, we were able to make significant changes to the landing pages, the audience targeting on digital channels, and implemented a substantially improved data infrastructure to enable richer tracking and analysis of marketing initiatives.

After three months, sales had almost doubled, and overall customer acquisition cost had declined 67%. While continuing to manage this improvement, Adaptive Consulting was asked to help vet and recruit the full-time head of revenue.

After onboarding and then transitioning all day-to-day responsibilities to the new head of revenue, Adaptive Consulting stayed on for another two months as an executive advisor to the CRO.